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“My name is Evelyn and I´m from Accra, in Ghana. I first became interested in fashion when I discovered how clothes were made: I used to unpick the stitching on all the European-made clothes in our home, mine or my mother´s. I was curious most of all to understand how darts were made, as they are used a lot in European fashion and hardly at all in African clothes: just one little tuck can be what gives a dress its elegance. And so I began to experiment with this discovery, making clothes with pleats in the most unusual places.
Thanks to my experiments, which were both enjoyable and exciting, I began to understand the differences between dress-making in Africa and Europe. Clothes are not merely garments to wear, but they are culture, tradition, a whole way of thinking which comes through in the sewing technique and the design. It was many years ago that I unpicked the stitching on my first dress; since then I have pursued my passion through studies: I began with pattern-making in a European school in my home country where an elderly British teacher taught us the "basics" behind skirts and shirts; later in Italy, I studied pattern-making and fashion design. My initial interest in the differences between European and African clothes continues to inspire my idea of what fashion is: I strive to make clothes which represent a fusion between the two cultures and I also like to find original combinations of shapes and colours, like in nature.
The designs are aimed at working women over 30 who enjoy elegance and originality, without unnecessary extras.”
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